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Wendy Di Mauro

Federal Diploma in Communications Management

+41 77 508 49 50


NEVER WITHOUT: a water bottle

THIS IS OVERVALUAED: exclamation marks

THIS IS UNDERVALUED: "C'est le ton qui fait la musique"

I'M NOT GOOD AT: remembering numbers

I'M VERY GOOD AT: seeing the good in everything

MY PAST IDOL: Inspector Gadget

Wendy is one of the non-engineers at RUBI RAILTEC. With over 20 years of experience from various branding, communication and marketing positions, communication with all its facets is one of her areas of responsibility. And because the implementation of new internal processes or organisational topics goes better with good communication, she does that too. She organises events for the lived corporate culture outside the office and has established herself as the contact point for all "Where is...", "Who has...", "How does..." questions.

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