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Zimmerberg base tunnel II




Rough concept for maintenance

The maintenance of the Swiss railway network is becoming increasingly complex. The main reasons for this are the ever-increasing number of trains and the stricter requirements for occupational safety. On new lines, for example, the principle of "run or maintain" usually applies—in tunnels in particular, maintenance work is only carried out under total closure.

The Zimmerberg base tunnel II is such a new line, which is part of the 2035 Expansion STEP. RUBI Railtec is developing a rough concept for the maintenance of the 10.8-kilometre tunnel. Part of this is a list of known work steps including an indication of whether these can be carried out within a (possibly extended) night closure or whether the tunnel must also be closed during the day for this purpose. We also record information on the operational concepts for the corresponding closures.

More information on general tunnel construction can be found on SBB's website (in German):

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