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Stop signalling renewal




Owner support and roll-out of the new standard for stop signalling

Who hasn't seen pictures of trains stopping with centimetre precision in Japan? SBB also wants to increase the stopping accuracy of its trains. This should speed up boarding, alighting and transferring and support visually impaired rail passengers. In this way, passengers changing trains will be able to make their connections and trains will run more punctually and more safely, because more precise stopping points improve the functionality of train control systems. The safety of rail passengers on the platforms is also improved thanks to more predictable passenger flows.

To this end, SBB has developed and successfully tested a new standard for stop location signs. After the rollout, passenger trains will stop within a tolerance of +/- three metres.

Since March 2021, RUBI Railtec has been supporting the overall project manager in the "Halt Signal" (HaSi) programme and has taken on a central role in the organisation and coordination of programme control, so that the goals in the areas of deadlines, costs and quality can be achieved.

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