RUBI Bahntechnik
Rail Technology Workshop
Understand the complexity of rail technology in just four hours

Ideal for planners, managers, politicians, administrative boards, schools and other interested in rail technology

Rail Technology Workshop
I cover the fundamentals of rail technology for groups of employees, managers or administrators from your company.

We focus on understanding the components and relationships among all areas of rail technology including:
tracks / overhead lines / cabling / train access / signaling equipment
/ heating of switches

We also cover operational and safety aspects.

The workshop is divided into two parts of two hours each.

Part I:
Basic understanding of rail technology
Basic understanding of rail technology is covered in the first two hours. We go over individual components, safety and operational aspects.

Part II:
Rail technology in practice
Using an example, participants learn Team the complexity of rail technology and combine this with the principles introduced previously. The example is selected based on your needs.

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