RUBI Bahntechnik

6.6. Lukas Schmid’s first day at work
3.6. Award of framework contract for SBB track planning Lot 1; IG Bahn+ (Preisig, B+S, Gähler und Partner, Rubi)
26.5. Switch planning support for the LEM Lausanne project; GCF
22.5. Revision of commodity group strategy for SBB ground works; SBB AG, I-ESP
22.5. SBB Bm3 light support; SBB AG
6.5. Builder support for ballastless track at SBB Airport station; SBB AG
18.4. Implementation of Microsoft Teams
9.4. Start publication of 3D models on Sketchfab
3.4. Nicole Sobotkiewicz’s first day at work
20.3. Anabel Hengelmann’s first day at work
18.3. In-depth feasibility study of service level agreement 21 to 24; Quattron, SBB AG
6.3. Daniel Gamma’s last day of work
5.3. Award of contract as rail technology specialist for Brienzwiler – Brienz line; B+S Ingenieure; zb
5.3 Builder support for Glattalbahn drainage; VBG
4.3. Daniel Gamma’s first day of work
4.3. Award of contract for site management of ballastless track revision in the Sihltunnel; SZU
1.3. Wiroon Wongratchatanan’s first day of work
1.3. Opening of the Bangkok branch
3.2. Noise control concept for switch revision at Basel Bad Bf; Sersa; DB
29.1. Kick-off meeting as rail technology specialist Bern West, INGE Holligen, SBB
16.1. Tilos training
10.1. 3D models of building processes for ballastless track revision, GCF
7.1. Support of submission for vibration measurement in the Enge-Ulmbergtunnel; SBB AG
1.1. Marco Maurer’s first day at work

10.12. Call for bids for switch replacement in an alliance contract model; SBB AG
20.11. Draft concept for maintenance of Zimmerberg II; SBB AG
1.11. Assistance on initial operation of lot 2 of the CEVA line; Sersa AG
29.10. Call for bids and site management for ballastless track Stettbach; SBB AG
17.10. Award for planning of Ulmberg and Enge tunnel restoration given to INGE ESR (EBP, Schällibaum, Rubi); SBB AG
18.9. Study trip InnoTrans including an aperitif at the TrainBar Berlin
15.9. Consultancy on implementation concepts for ballastless tracks; GCF Niederlassung Schweiz
12.9. DACH research assignment for traffic route engineering; PMS consult, buildup, TU Wien
1.9. Expert analysis of ballast quality BDWM; Implenia Schweiz AG
15.8. Concept for maintenance and renewal by third parties; Sersa AG
1.8. Analysis of ballastless track in the Hauenstein base tunnel; SBB AG
1.7. Variant study of ballastless track vs. traditional track on the Wipkingen line; SBB AG
1.7. Floris Piso’s first day at work
28.6. First plan for MG Bahn, switch replacement Zermatt; TüV Rheinland
19.6. Andrea Siering’s first day at work
17.5. Authorization by the FOT as Notified Body for NNTR according to TSI for INS; Arsenal Railway
19.3. Kick-off meeting for authorised expertise on operating during the partial extension of the Lötschberg base tunnel; TüV Süd and BLS
16.3. Concept and monitoring for the adoption of BIM; Sersa AG
12.2 Supervision of dismantling of EMPA tracks; SBB AG
9.2. Fabian Härri’s first day at work
31.1. Draft concept for maintenance of the Brüttener tunnel; SBB AG

22.11. Study trip to Israel
20.11. Warranty work on ballastless-track switches/points in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB AG
4.11. Coordination of the completion of the Gotthard base tunnel; K-Tec Kummer and SBB AG
28.8. Call for bids for the maintenance of track super- and infrastructure of the Glattalbahn; VBG
3.7. Admission to the association “Building digital Switzerland”
26.6. Kick-off meeting for the implementation of stipulations regarding the ballastless track in Oerlikon station (part of the Zurich Cross-City Link); SBB AG
12.6. Evaluation of the submissions for owner/awarding-authority support for the extension of the Glattalbahn; VBG
20.4. Owner/awarding-authority-support mandate for the call for bids for the track renewal in the Lötschberg summit tunnel; BLS
6.4. Opening of our office on Rautistrasse 12 in Zurich, Switzerland
15.3. Construction Slab Track LVT Depot Blackburn; Sonneville, Network Rail
18.1. Performance model for the project alliance; Sersa AG
17.1. Martin Omlin’s first day at work

19.12. Coordination of vibration measurements in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB AG
19.12. Warranty work on the ballastless track in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB AG
12.12. Ballastless track expert for the Hong Kong Metro; Sonneville, Alstom and MTR
17.10. Analysis of contract documentation Sia phase 52 for “Seetalplatz”; SEPP working partnership, Walo Bertschinger AG
26.9. Starting point of the review of submission documents for railway technology in the Eppenberg tunnel; SGG AB
22.9. Study trip to the InnoTrans fair in Berlin
17.8. Starting point of the coordination of the initial operation / service regarding railway technology for the CEVA project in Geneva; SBB AG
3.8. First installation day of ballastless track in Ra’anana, Israel; DB Bahnbaugruppe
28.6. Risk report for the tunnelling beneath Ayalon river, Israel; China Railway Tunnel Group and NTA
1.6. Support for the project office of the Herzstück Basle; alius consulting and aggloBasel
1.5. Ramón Bühlmann’s first day at work
19.3. Study for ballastless track in the Wylerfeld diveunder; Sersa AG
26.1. Kick-off meeting for the implementation of stipulations regarding the ballastless track in the Weinberg tunnel of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB AG

12.8. Railway technology workshop with Vigier Rail
16.7. Documents handover for the owner / awarding-authority-support mandate regarding railway technology of the CEVA project in Geneva; SBB AG
28.5. Introduction as initial-operation/service expert for the Gotthard base tunnel; ATG AG
22.5. Kick-off meeting for the site management of the ballastless-track installation on the bridges of the Zurich Cross-City Link; SBB AG
3.5. First day at work in Gilon, Israel; DB Bahnbaugruppe
2.5. Acquisition concept; Vigier Rail
14.4. Railway technology workshop with Ingenieurbureau Heierli
23.2. Entry of our company into the commercial register

1.8. Adoption of our logo